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Laundry Folding Device Is An Indispensable Bachelor Accessory

Laundry Folding Device Is An Indispensable Bachelor Accessory

By David Ponce

Moving out of your parents’ home is great, until you realize that you now have to do a lot of menial tasks you never really bothered to master while growing up. Doing your laundry now and then is one of these, and while stuffing dirty clothes into large machines is not so hard, folding them back into neat stacks is a skill most young males don’t really possess. The usual path taken through this part of life involves wearing perpetually wrinkled clothes, picked out from a messy pile thrown in the corner of a dresser. And then the missus comes into the picture and takes care of things. But for those of us forever alone, the above accessory can help. It’s a plastic template for folding clothes that can have your things neat and tidy in 6 simple steps. Place the item on it, and follow the steps; it couldn’t get any easier.

For $27, it’s a no-brainer.

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