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Pretty Humidifier Is Pretty

Pretty Humidifier Is Pretty

By David Ponce

Humidifiers are older than the world (not really). And humidifiers are ugly (yes, they are). Why should they be pretty, seeing as they’re essentially just functional devices, meant to stop your throat turning into parchment? Designers Youngduk Song, Sunman Kwon and Sungmin Kim don’t quite see it that way. If something is going to be in your house, why should it not be aesthetically pleasing? And this humidifier certainly is that. It is powered by either a retractable USB cord or a conventional 100V/220V plug, contains half a litter of water and can last up to 13 hours before needing a recharge. We don’t know how much it’s supposed to cost, but there appear to be plans for release in Japan this July.

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