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Tokyoflash Releases Kisai Stencil Watch

Tokyoflash Releases Kisai Stencil Watch

By David Ponce

Another week, another watch from the fine folks at TokyoFlash. The Kisai Stencil is the 5th watch to hit production that was submitted by a fan to their design blog and became reality (one we covered is Optical Illusion watch). Telling the time in this one is fairly easy, especially once you’ve realized that it’s simply displayed, digitally. The only thing is, the digits are somewhat distorted, one per quadrant. Looking at the above picture should clear things up. The strap and casing come in black or white while the LCD background has 5 colour options. Currently (and for the next 45 hours, it’s $99. After that it goes up to $139.

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