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Now You Can Fornicate And Your Roommates Will Be None The Wiser

By David Ponce

Sharing a small room with others is all fun and games until you want to do anything that requires privacy. The Privacy Pop is a small tent specifically designed to fit over beds typically found in dorms and kids’ rooms, and it aims to give you at least a tiny bit of separation from your undoubtedly grateful neighbours. Sure, you’re not going to fool anyone into thinking you’re “just sleeping”, seeing as a thin layer of polyester never stopped sounds from escaping, but at the very least you won’t turn your bed into a peep show. And of course if you start looking at the non-juvenile-minded uses, there are quite a few: using your laptop without the light waking up everyone in the room for example.

It fits Twin and Twin XL beds and is easy to carry around when not deployed. It’s $99 and is available now.

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  • Johannes

    You forgot a 1. It’s $199. Expensive…