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CanChucks Are Like Nunchucks For Rednecks

CanChucks Are Like Nunchucks For Rednecks

By David Ponce

Nunchucks are great. You can make embarrassing videos of yourself and post them to YouTube for giggles and profit. What’s not to love? Take things up a little notch by showing off your “skills” with nunchucks made out of your favourite beer cans. Think Kid Rock meets Star Wars kid; epic moviemaking potential brewing right there. The CanChuck kit comes with almost everything you need to make them. Which, really… doesn’t seem like all that much, considering you need to buy the expansion foam with which they’re filled separately. But they do state that the kits contain 13 metal parts, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe you’re buying more than just a metal chain. And you’re provided with a link to a video so you can assemble the Canchucks yourself, a 10 minute project the company is sure anyone can handle. Provided you’re sober when attempting to do so. Which, let’s be honest, won’t be the case…

It’s $20.

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