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How Do These Dutch Bar Patrons Sit With Such Huge Balls Between Their Legs?

By David Ponce

So the video above shows a fun incident that happened at the T Halve Maatje pub in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. And no, it’s not gadget related. And no, it doesn’t matter because it’s just cool. So this man walks in and starts waving a gun around, asking for money. At which point… no one gives a f**k. The bartender just looks at him and tells him to beat it. A patron even walks just past the would-be thief to get a seat at the bar, even as the guy is still trying to hold the place up. Finally, dejected, he leaves… at which point the entire bar exits to go run after him! And sure enough, after a little over a mile they catch him and call the cops.

If ever there was a fail, this would be it. Also, never mess with a Dutchman in a bar, we imagine is another takeaway.

VIA [ Geekologie ]