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AMD Launches World’s First 1Ghz Video Card

AMD Launches World’s First 1Ghz Video Card

By David Ponce

We don’t mention incremental improvements on traditional gadgets very often because, to be honest, it’s quite boring. But we can’t pass up the opportunity to point out that AMD has launched the Radeon 7770 Ghz Edition, the world’s first to have the clock running at 1Ghz without some for of overclocking. “The video card has at least 1 GB of RAM is built on the 28nm process. The video card supports the PCI Express 3.0 slot and has several other important AMD features such as AMD ZeroCore Power, PowerTune, AMD Eyefinity 2.0 and AMD App technologies.” It is a budget card however with prices starting around $159, though some will be cheaper or more expensive depending on different manufacturers’ configurations.

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