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GoPad, For When You Need Your Tablet On The Go

GoPad, For When You Need Your Tablet On The Go

By David Ponce

We’re a little torn between wanting to ridicule and like the above gadget. It’s a tablet attachment that lets you use it, well, as pictured. On the go. As in, we imagine, walking down the street. Looking like a complete moron. But the thing is, it’s also somewhat neat from a usability standpoint. See, the tablet, once attached, pivots around that rounded metal frame and instantly becomes portable, like a satchel. Just swing it to your side and walk comfortably, or swing it back to the front, swivel, and use. It makes more sense if you watch the video on their homepage, which can’t be embedded, unfortunately. But the point is that, yes, you look like a tool. But if you don’t mind that, the GoPad is pretty cool.

It’s $89 and the first production run ships mid-March. It’s iPad 2 only at the moment, but the company says they’re working on models for other tablets.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ IBTimes ]


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