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DIY Airsoft Gun Costs $15 To Make, Unleashes Fury Of Pellets

DIY Airsoft Gun Costs $15 To Make, Unleashes Fury Of Pellets

By David Ponce

Airsoft guns are fun, especially when you don’t poke an eye out. But with a bit of ingenuity, you can have a device that will one-up any Airsoft ever made. This simple project will give you a gun capable of firing hundreds of pellets a minute (maybe thousands… no, probably thousands) with nothing more than around $15 in easily available parts. They include a plastic soda bottle, a quick release air compressor adaptor, an air compressor blowgun, and a 7mm by 6-inch brake line. You also need a compressed air source. There’s a bit of drilling and a bit of gluing involved, but it’s all really simple and most of all, scary as hell once completed. Of course, the $15 cost is for the gun parts. You’re gonna want to save up for the pellets, because you’ll be eating through them so fast.

Just watch the video for a step by step and a demonstration.

VIA [ Geeky-Gadgets ]

  • Joshua

    I almost want to build one but it looks like it could end badly lol.