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Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle Sterilises Your Liquids

Camelbak All Clear UV Water Bottle Sterilises Your Liquids

By David Ponce

Drinking water out of the tap in an industrialized country is generally a decent enough idea; you likely won’t be catching E.Coli poisoning. The same can’t be said if you go out trekking and decide to fill up your bottle at some random creek. Stay on the safe side and sterilize that water with ultraviolet radiation. The Camelbak All Clear bottle features a strong UV lamp right into its cap.

Cleaning your water is quite simple: screw the cap in; hold the power button down for two seconds; and rotate the bottle while the UV rays do their work. The LCD screen counts down and lets you know when the process is complete and the water safe to drink. The UV system is claimed to zap 99.9999 percent of bacteria, 99.99 percent of viruses and 99.9 percent of protozoa in 25 ounces (0.75 liter) of water in 60 seconds time.

The rechargeable battery gives you about 80 cycles before it needs to be topped up, which is done via the included USB cable. The All Clear ships in March and sells for $99.

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