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The Cook-Air Is A BBQ Turbocharged

The Cook-Air Is A BBQ Turbocharged

By David Ponce

Without taking sides in the natural gas vs. charcoal debate, let’s just state some of the facts. Charcoal is often considered more flavorful due to the smoke it produces. Natural gas on the other hand is more convenient and can often burn hotter than charcoal. But the Cook-Air portable BBQ brings a bit of innovation to the fray that could tilt things in the favor of… wood burning, an often overlooked alternative. The Cook-Air uses its own 100% wood briquettes and forcibly blows air over them as they burn, thereby raising their temperature as high as 1,100F or the equivalent of 65,000 BTU. This makes it the most powerful portable BBQ on the market. It starts up in as little as 5 minutes and the 5-speed fan allows for a 5 level heat adjustment. Because it’s portable, it will work with D batteries and a car charger as well as a conventional 120V socket.

It’s $200.

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