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Just Wrong: This Is A Face Exerciser Device

Just Wrong: This Is A Face Exerciser Device

By David Ponce

Yeah, Japan again. We love you guys, but what’s with these things? The above image shows a poor lady being paid to demonstrate the Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece. You put it in there and say vowels repeatedly, allegedly exercising the muscles in your face and getting rid of wrinkles and sag.

But why does it have to… look like that? You and I know what this looks like. The kids don’t know. But we know what’s going on here.

So, Japan… Why?

Oh and it’s $84!

[ Product Page ] VIA [ ChipChick ]


One response to “Just Wrong: This Is A Face Exerciser Device”

  1. Anton Gully says:

    If anyone reading likes the look of this, just remember a fleshlight is cheaper. Do NOT Google fleshlight at work. Or ever.