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Facebook’s Upcoming IPO Will Make Artist David Choe A Very Rich Man

By David Ponce

Back in the early days of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg asked artist David Choe to paint the interiors of their offices. Instead of cash, Zuckerberg offered stock options which Choe wisely accepted. Fast forward a few years and Facebook is filing for an IPO which analysts say could value the company at $50billion. If Choe then chooses to cash in his options, he will net around $200million. Yeah, a fifth of a Billion dollars!

Choe is a very talented artist and we’re happy he’s about to get that kind of payday. Unlike Apple’s Ronald Wayne who sold his 10% of the company for $800, Choe was wise enough to keep his stock until now. Watch the below video where he and Zuckerberg interact on a mural he’s working on.

[ David Choe ] VIA [ Slashgear ]