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Tworse Key Lets You Send Your Tweets In Morse Code

Tworse Key Lets You Send Your Tweets In Morse Code

By David Ponce

Ok, so your tweets will appear in actual letters, but you will have composed them using Morse code, and that’s where the cool part is. It’s cool of course only because it’s redundant, inefficient and arcane, but in a geeky, satisfying manner. One Martin Kaltenbrunner created this device and he likes to call it an exercise in interface archaeology. In other words, it’s the study of just what happens when you try to mate the old and the new via invented interfaces. The Tworse Key device contains an Arduino brain and other electronics which enable this conversation between communications circa The Titanic and communications circa Justin Bieber. Just plug the machine into an Ethernet port, dust off your Morse skills and you’re good to go.

Best part is that if you posses tinkering skills, the schematics are available for you to make your own.

[ Tworse Key Schematics ] VIA [ Geekosystem ]