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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Interactive Periodic Table Of Swearing Will Have Your Bank Account Cursing You

By David Ponce

Do you like swearing? A lot? Are you British or do you wish you were? Do you have £50,000 burning a large hole in your pocket? Well, then… here’s just the thing for you.

Created in association with renowned artisans at Clay design studio, this exclusive piece of world-class art is basically a fully interactive periodic table of filth. Simply press any one of its 103 brightly coloured buttons and you’ll instantly hear the mellifluous tones of a mystery man uttering profanities, insults and highly innovative cusses.

I’m not sure how the asking price was arrived at, other than it appears to be handmade and contains over 300ft of cable and 300 soldered joints. Insults are arranged in order from light to heavy based on the periodic table’s classification for chemical reactivity, the heaviest being on the far left and the quaintest on the right, where the inert gases would usually go.

And it’s, once again, £50,000 or roughly $78,000 at today’s rate.

[ Product Page ]

Dash – The Smart Phone Car Stereo

By David Ponce

I’m almost certain I’ve seen car stereos that cradle your iPhone before, so maybe one of our readers can set me straight. Still, the design of the Devium Dash stereo is intriguing because it’s simple and elegant. The detachable faceplate features one button: a knob for volume. The rest is a space for your smartphone, which when inserted becomes the brains of the unit. While cradled it charges, and you’re free to use any application to listen to the radio or your own tunes. There are several good radio applications on the market, such as TuneIn, so the fact the device itself has no radio features shouldn’t be a problem. The faceplate holds on to the rest of the unit (a full 2-DIN affair) with rare earth magnets, reducing the number of moving components and lowering the risk of mechanical failure. While the first production faceplate is for the iPhone 4 and 4S, there will be versions made for other phones.

One problem with this setup is that the iPhone doesn’t display your applications in landscape mode. There is a companion app however, the Devium Dashboard, that does give you access to some of your apps in this way and makes it possible to use your iPhone exactly how you’d expect it to work in this application.

Normally $300, you can get yours for $250 on pre-order right now. It’s on Kickstarter, and the company needs $45k to make this happen. They’re at $2,7k right now but have 56 days to go. If they reach their goal, you’ll get your delivery in July of this year.

[ Devium Dash Car Stereo ]

TokyoFlash Releases Optical Illusion Watch

By David Ponce

Back in September on 2010, our favorite watchmaker put a concept up on their design blog. Fast forward 16 months and here it is in the market. It’s called the Optical Illusion watch and is inspired of course by any of these illusions that you see in print or online from time to time. You can train your eyes to see the time in puzzle mode (I tried, it works, but it’s hard) or you can press one of the four hotzones on the touchscreen display to reveal what the time is. There’s also a mode that cycles between puzzle and time mode every 20 seconds. This is meant to attract attention and get conversations started; this has sort of always been the point of a Tokyoflash watch. This one, like the others, doesn’t disappoint.

It’s $179 and for the next 33 hours, shipping is free.

[ Product Page ]

Tipsy Glasses Are As Drunk As You Are

By David Ponce

I guess you’d call this art, as the melting glasses themselves look like how you’re going to feel once you’ve drunk enough of what they contain. They’re all different and made to order, since they’re not cast in a mold but rather deformed by gravity while still hot enough to be pliable. And this uniqueness translates into a unique price: a set of 6 will cost you £65, or about $100US. You have to email them to find out if they’re even available, because everything is in limited quantity.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ The Fancy ]

NSFW: It was Only A Matter Of Time Until This Came Around

By David Ponce

I’m sure Steve Jobs is rolling around in his grave now that this concept for a very tasteful iPad attachment is floating around on the Interwebs. Proving that you should never underestimate human ingenuity, this clip on piece of plastic holds a Fleshlight. Presumably, you’d have a companion application that would run on the screen and just like that you’d be copulating with… well, people, you’re hopefully old enough to figure out how this would work. Right?

Isn’t the picture above enough?

Anyway, it’s just a concept so there’s no actual such product. Yet.

I’m sad for mankind.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

Armani Suit Is Actually A Pyjama Suit. Why?

By David Ponce

So… this exists. It’s a suit. And a pyjama. It… is this like a men’s version of a maid’s outfit? Like… is that what’s going on here? I hear some women like men in suits, so, uh… I mean, why else?

There’s no price or availability at the moment, but these have been sold in the past. It might just be a temporary stock interruption. I just thought it was interesting to know that this, like I said, even existed…

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

Do You “Like” Porsche On Facebook? Your Face Might Be On This Special Edition Cayman S

By David Ponce

So, this is marketing done right. To celebrate their reaching 2 million Likes on Facebook, Porsche decided to make a special Cayman S with an intricate mosaic made up of the profile pictures of each one of those fans. That alone is pretty cool, but it’s what they’re doing with this car that’s smart. Aside from putting it on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart until January 27th 2012, they’ve made a special section on their website just for it. There, you can view the car from several angles, zoom in, and pan around until you spot yourself. It’s a game of Where’s Waldo with a sea of 2 million faces. You can bet a bunch of people are going to spend a truckload of hours poring over every inch of that car. Granted, these people are already fans of the brand, but it’s a safe bet that many of them will go and say to their friends “Hey, check this out, this is me on a Cayman S!”

[ Porsche’s 2M Fans ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

SiriToggles Expands On What The iPhone’s Assistant Can Do

By David Ponce

The joys of jailbreaking are that it can make your device better. Not three days since the untethered jailbreak for A5 enabled devices was announced that we have news of a cool new app which you can download through Cydia. It’s called SiriToggles and it lets you control system features on your phone. Like setting the screen brightness levels. Or disabling Wifi. You can even launch certain applications with it.

We think these are features that should have been enabled to start with. If you’re going to make a voice controlled assistant, why go halfway? Anyway, it’s available now and if you’re finally getting to enjoy your now free iPhone 4S, why not go ahead and try this out? Just search for it on Cydia.

VIA [ CultOfMac ]

Violinist Gets Interruped By Nokia Phone Ringing, Responds Like A Boss

By David Ponce

This happened quite a few months ago, but just now the tech bloggers seem to have noticed… See, Slovakian violinist Lukas Kmit is pretty awesome. While playing at a Jewish Orthodox Synagogue in Presov a Nokia phone started ringing in the audience with the familiar Marimba tone “Nokia Tune”. Instead of completely halting his performance (as the New York philharmonic did recently), Lukas went with the flow and emulated the ringtone on the spot!

VIA [ CNet’s Crave ]