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This Totem Went All Tetris On Your Desktop

This Totem Went All Tetris On Your Desktop

By David Ponce

Lexon’s MINITOTEM is meant for the office. In one efficient stack, you get a pen cup, storage for paper clips, a clock, tape dispenser (tape included), and a 4 USB plug hub. All these objects nestle into one another more efficiently than even your best game of Tetris and make for a cleaner, neater work environment.

Price unfortunately is not available, though the item appears to be in production. It looks like one of those things that should probably not cost a whole bunch, but you can contact them at contact at lexon-design dot com (trying to fool them spam scrapers) to find out, if you’re interested.

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One response to “This Totem Went All Tetris On Your Desktop”

  1. a good space-saving idea, it’s perfect for my table full of sheets, etc.