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Rydis H800 Takes The Home Robot Craze To The Air Purifying Space

By David Ponce

There are robots to clean your floor, like the Roomba (which vacuums) or the Scooba (which scrubs). There are also robots like these to clean your windows. And now there is a robot to go around your house, purifying air. See the thing about air purifiers is that they’re static. They’ll try to cycle as much of your home’s air as they can, but there’s only so much they can do while just sitting in a corner. So the Rydis H800, from Moneual, goes around your home, filtering the air as it does. It has sensors to avoid bumping into obstacles and “you can use a multi-function remote control to turn filter settings from low to high, or to send the H800 into another room. In sleep mode, the H800 operates at a 22dB sound level, and in turbo mode it can go up to 48dB.”

There is no price or availability information at the moment.

[ Rydis Home ] VIA [ Gizmag ]


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