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Tipsy Glasses Are As Drunk As You Are

Tipsy Glasses Are As Drunk As You Are

By David Ponce

I guess you’d call this art, as the melting glasses themselves look like how you’re going to feel once you’ve drunk enough of what they contain. They’re all different and made to order, since they’re not cast in a mold but rather deformed by gravity while still hot enough to be pliable. And this uniqueness translates into a unique price: a set of 6 will cost you £65, or about $100US. You have to email them to find out if they’re even available, because everything is in limited quantity.

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  • Pros – great art for today’s glasses.  Cons – liquid inside is a little bit accidental because of its art. Over all, I like it! The glass melt down depends on what it contain?

  • original and curious

  • Wow very nice ! So unusual!)

  • jeff gordon

    Someone figured out how to make money on thier QC rejects.

  • It’s a great artistic glass…But I think tipsy people that’ll be using this will certainly spill their drink.

  • Anonymous