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Would You Let Your Infant Near Your iPhone?

Would You Let Your Infant Near Your iPhone?

By David Ponce

If you’re going to consider doing something as potentially insane as handing your iPhone to your drooling, babbling, tantrum-having and object-tossing infant, you might want to consider some protection for it. Turns out Fisher-Price makes a special case for your phone called the Laugh And Learn Baby iPhone Case. It’s supposed to be super tough and comes in two versions: one that locks the home button and one that doesn’t. I’d suggest the one that locks it, but hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always see what’ll happen if your 1 year old gains access to your contact list.

There are also some Fisher-Price learning apps that you can download and have running while the phone is in the case. Oh, and might I suggest enabling Airplane Mode, unless you want baby answering a call from your boss and having one memorable conversation…

It’s $20.

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