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PocketStrings Let You Practice Guitar Anywhere

PocketStrings Let You Practice Guitar Anywhere

By David Ponce

I just picked up guitar playing a few months ago and so far I’m happy to say I’ve kept up with the daily practice. I’ve noticed that even a few days away from home really does affect my playing, especially on the newer things I’ve learned. Now I’m not sure I’d go as far as to purchase this PocketString device, but if you’re gung-ho on practicing no matter what, this could be interesting. It’s a tiny 4 fret board that lets you practice the fundamentals. This is really all you need to work on those chord shapes and even do some scales. What’s more, it can keep those calluses strong so that you don’t have to grow them back when you finally get back home.

It’s going to be available next month for less than $30.

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