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Man Shoots Nail In Head, Zero F##&s Given

Man Shoots Nail In Head, Zero F##&s Given

By David Ponce

There are no gadgets here, but it’s an interesting story nonetheless. So it turns out one Dante Autullo from Orland Park, IL, was working in his garage one day when he lost his grip on his nail gun. It swung at him and bumped the side of his head. Dante examined the damage: a minor scratch. He even texted his wife a picture of the so-called scratch, so nonchalant was he about the incident. He popped a couple of Advils and went on his merry day. He drove his plow truck for 8 hours, took his kids to a play rehearsal and even took a nap before he finally figured something was wrong; at that point he had a headache and nausea. It was only once he got to the hospital that everything became clear.

The X-Rays (which Dante at first thought were a joke) showed the 3.5 inch nail firmly inside his brain. The flat part of the nail was resting right atop his skull, beneath the skin (which was why it looked like just a scratch), “as if it had been driven into a two-by-four.” He had to undergo surgery to remove the nail and as luck would have it, very little tissue damage occurred. Mr. Autullo is expected to be able to leave the hospital after spending a day with a nail in his brain with absolutely no loss of function at all.

For the record, do not try this at home.

VIA [ Geekosystem ] AND [ Chicago Tribune ]


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  1. Mian Qamar says:

    You are kiddng right ?? Thats Homer Simpson