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Trevi Aerating Wine Glass Looks Cool, Is Also Functional

Trevi Aerating Wine Glass Looks Cool, Is Also Functional

By David Ponce

So I’ve spent the last couple minutes intently staring at The Trevi Fountain in Rome, after which this wine glass in named. I can’t figure out how they’re related. But it’s ok. This glass not only looks kind of interesting, it also claims to be able to oxygenate your wine as you pour it. See, if you don’t know, you have to let your wine breathe a little, let it contact some air so that it releases its full flavor. There are decanters and sophisticated aerators for that, and now, apparently, this glass.

It’s $27 and will likely just make your guests talk about it a lot, rather than accomplish anything useful.

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  • Werner Gaidosch

    Hello David. I  am interested in purchasing The Trevi Fountain wine glass. It is a work of art. Please send an email to [email protected]. The glasses would have to be shipped to Alberta, Canada. Thanks a bunch. Van.