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Energizer’s Household Lighting Edge Line Expands On Their Expertise

Energizer’s Household Lighting Edge Line Expands On Their Expertise

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By David Ponce

[ Energizer sponsored OhGizmo! to attend CES 2012. -Ed.]

The buzz this year at CES has been around 3D TVs, Ultrabooks and Windows 8, but what caught my attention came from a company once known for their batteries, Energizer. Moving well beyond that stereotype, Energizer showcased a whole portfolio of products that meet the power needs of a wide range of devices you depend on. One product in particular that I never would have, but should have, associated Energizer with was a line of lighting products for the home.

I say I should have because Energizer informed me that they have been in the lighting business for more than 110 years making a variety of flashlights including ones for everyday use to ones used by military professionals. It only makes sense that they use their advanced lighting technology for a line of household lights.

And advanced it is. So far, two collections, The Glas and Edge Collections, have launched. The line I saw first-hand at CES was The Edge Collection and not only does it have a sleek look, but the technology built into each light is pretty interesting. Developed with the latest in LED technology, the collection uses advanced circuitry and optics to create an integrated lighting system that enhances your environment, creating just the right ambiance. What is really cool is that you never have to replace the LEDs.

There are currently four products within The Edge Collection, two of which even replicate the flicker of a candle. They instantly add a stylistic flair to a room and their flickering effect is very realistic. They turn on with a simple touch and would look great on a coffee table or even a dining table. The Glas and Edge Collections were the first two launched and soon to make its debut is the Ambiana Collection which is expected out this spring.

I know I was impressed with these lights and I think consumers will be too. This is going to be a fun category to watch as new products are launched. Check out to see what the Energizer household lighting collection is all about.


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