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Ballista Mk-1 Gaming Mouse Packs Some Serious Features

Ballista Mk-1 Gaming Mouse Packs Some Serious Features

By David Ponce

I just recently wrote about Shogun Bros.’ entry into the gaming mice market with a mouse that doubled as a gamepad. Quirky device. But now they’ve announced the Mk-1, a gaming mouse that packs a bunch of features that actually sound kind of nice. The best of which is the “Precision Sniping System” which lets you adjust the X and Y dpi setting independently and on the fly, so that you can zero in on your target with more precision, and still pan around faster when not going in for the kill. Aside from this, there’s “Extreme Accurate 5700 DPI, 1000HZ Polling Rate. Extreme Movement Sensation – 11570 Frame Per Second (No Jumping, No Skipping).” There are several profiles that you can set, depending on the game you’re playing with one of them being desktop… should you ever actually try to get any work done with this in your hand.

There’s no word on price but availability is set for Q2 of this year.

[ Product Page (with no sign of this device on the website) ] VIA [ Geeky-Gadgets ]


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