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YBUY Lets You Try Before You Buy

YBUY Lets You Try Before You Buy

By David Ponce

If you fall squarely in the early-adopters category, but find that you also have a smidge of the buyer’s remorse syndrome, new startup YBUY might ease some of your pains. They charge you a $25 per month membership fee, but as a member they will send you (with no shipping charge) one gadget per month for you to try. If you like it, you buy it and subtract that month’s membership fee. If it’s not your cup of tea, simply return it. The catch of course is that the site decides which device is featured on any given month. So that’s why it’s important that you be someone who absolutely spends his every waking hour looking for the next thing to purchase. YBUY claims they pick the items based on “the best user reviews” and at least from the picture above, the stuff on there doesn’t seem to be on the low end of the spectrum.

They recently launched and are apparently getting clobbered under too much Internet traffic. Some of that investment money should have gone to more solid servers, it looks like. Still, by the time you read this, maybe the lights will be back on.

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