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SpareOne Cellphone Runs On Single AA Battery

SpareOne Cellphone Runs On Single AA Battery

By David Ponce

Before they became pocket computing machines, cellphones had but one job: to make calls. That’s arguably still the most useful feature, at least when you’re in an emergency situation. The SpareOne cellphone is seeking to be your backup phone. Simple as that. It’s not fancy, there’s no touchscreen and is as dumb as a bat. But it does run on a single AA battery which, guess what, is a lot easier to find than your particular mobile’s Li-whatever powerpack. If the power’s out, or you’re stuck in the woods, you’ll be glad you kept this around. It’ll let you talk for 10 hours on that one battery but more importantly… will standby for 15 years! It takes SIM cards, so the idea is to take your dead phone’s SIM card out and insert it in this one. And even if you don’t have a SIM around, you can still call 911 with it.

At $50, you can even keep a few around, just in case. Available in March.

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