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Behold The Poor Man’s Segway

Behold The Poor Man’s Segway

By David Ponce

I still remember when the Segway hadn’t launched and the Internet was abuzz with rumors of project Ginger. That was 11 years ago… Then we saw the self-balancing personal scooter’s pricetag and our faces fell; it could have been the future of personal transportation, but it was a future no one could afford. And to this day, it’s still too expensive, so one might turn to something like the above Personal Rover. It’s not self-balancing. It’s not filled with wondrous technology. It’s not even really pretty. Heck, it’s pretty darn ugly to be honest. But it is only $1,000. For what’s still a good chunk of change, you’ll get four wheels, two ski poles and an 800W motor that can propel you up to 15mph for around 12 miles. Charging then would take 4 to 8 hours.

And for the first 50 customers, there’s a $200 off deal which appears not to have been reached yet. It’s shipping now.

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