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Tool Tank Is Both Cute And Practical Keychain

Tool Tank Is Both Cute And Practical Keychain

By David Ponce

I’m not sure exactly what market this product is going after. It seems a little confused. For one, it’s a tool, which in itself is butch. And two, it’s shaped like a tank, which is pretty butch as well. But it’s keychain sized and it’s just kind of cute. It seems to stand right in the middle there (like some presidents…), unsure whether it should appeal to the handy girl or the metrosexual guy.

Or maybe I shouldn’t be applying gender stereotypes to gadgets at all… All I can tell you dear readers is that the Tank Tool keychain has a magnetic turret, three heads (flat, plus small and large Philips), costs $15 and will be available in February.

How’s that for just sticking to the facts?

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]


7 responses to “Tool Tank Is Both Cute And Practical Keychain”

  1. Zutronic says:

    What a neat idea!!! Totally convenient having different screwdriver heads on a keychain! 

  2. That seems to be quite interesting and exciting to watch out this.

  3. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last week

  4. truelyme says:

    Multi purpose key chain..i must say it’s a cool and a cute idea…would like to get one.