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[CES 2012] J5 Wormhole Switch Makes Peace Between Macs And PCs

[CES 2012] J5 Wormhole Switch Makes Peace Between Macs And PCs

By David Ponce

The Wormhole Switch from company J5Create does something most of us simply assumed couldn’t be done: easily transferring files between PCs and Macs. No need for a network, no need for drivers or to screw around with settings. You simply plug one end of the Wormhole cable into a USB port on each machine, and you’re done. You can even control the pointer of one computer with the mouse of the other. They immediately behave a little like one giant screen, with the pointer seamlessly scrolling from one screen to the other; file transfer is then a simple matter of drag and drop. Now, I say Mac to PC, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be limited to that: PC/PC, Mac/Mac. It’s a useful tool to carry around with your laptop; just think of how many times you’ve wanted to share a file with your friends and not done so for lack of an easy way to do it.

It’s $40 and available at Fry’s and MicroCenter.

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  • Jesse B Andersen

    I did a 588MB test with the J5 Create.  It’s way better than the wireless solutions like Synergy and Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders.

  • Zutronic

    What an inexpensive way to transfer files between Macs and PCs. Definitely on my list of things to get.