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[CES 2012] Gametel Controller Brings Physical Gamepad To Mobile Devices

By David Ponce

Another day, another Bluetooth connected gamepad for mobile devices. Each iteration tweaks the features a little bit, but I did manage to get my hands on this particular one, the Gametel. It’s sturdily built and has an expendable clasp that can accomodate more than just one phone. As long as your device is less than 5 inches in width, you can have it sitting right above the controller. You can of course use this with tablets as well, but you’ll have more of a console/controller interaction rather than that of a mobile gaming device. And unlike previous devices I’ve seen, this one is compatible with around 150 games.

This accessory has been available for a while in Europe and should make it across the pond sometime in Q1 of this year. You can expect a similar price than its European counterpart, and that’s around $60.

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