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[CES 2012] DocuSign Ink Makes The Paperless Office Possible

[CES 2012] DocuSign Ink Makes The Paperless Office Possible

By David Ponce

Ok so this is going to sound like it’s terribly boring. E-Signatures… Ugh! Right? But hear me out, because this is actually interesting. So this is the thing, the dead tree business is really going to die. Like the VHS: it’s going the way of the dodo. This is a fact. But it’s a painful transition and some of us still suffer from the ongoing stretch marks. Take contracts. If for some reason you’re sent a contract over email, you’re likely going to be asked to print it, sign it and FAX it back. Fax? Even if you don’t fax, and you just print, sign, scan and email… that’s still archaic! Who prints? The printing business is a racket anyway, so DocuSign is really onto something with their new DocuSign Ink product. It’s an application on the Apple app store that lets you take any document sent to you and sign it digitally. This is how. It downloads your document (any format), converts it to a PDF and lets you affix your previously created signature and date anywhere on it. You can then email it right back and you’re done. The best part is that it’s completely free to the end user and works even if the company sending you a document doesn’t have it.



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