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iLuv Mo’Beats Is Hands Down The Best Name For Bluetooth Speakers Ever

By David Ponce

I’d love to know what they were ingesting at the meeting where company iLuv decided they were going to call their new Bluetooth speakers “Mo’Beats”. Funky name aside, these speakers stand out somewhat from the rest for a couple reasons. First their design, very fitting with the overall Apple aesthetic, although we assume they’d work just as fine with any Bluetooth streaming product. That said, the second feature compels you even more to use an iDevice, since that lip is made specifically to dock a Cupertino gadget. Again, you can put anything there, but if you do that, you’ll look as silly as me: I’m rocking Apple keyboards and a barely usable trackpad on a few PCs here in the “office”. I say barely usable because that little bugger’s drivers were made for a Mac and it just acts all kinds of strange on a PC.

Anyway, the Mo’Beats come with a Li-I rechargeable battery and should set you back $100, available soon.

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  • Zutronic

    I love the way this is esthetically pleasing to they eye.