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Ring Presenter Makes Powerpointing More Ergonomic

Ring Presenter Makes Powerpointing More Ergonomic

By David Ponce

Something has to be said about comfort and ease of use. When doing presentations, you need to be able to control what’s on screen, and the more seamless the task gets the more you can concentrate on not pulling a Rick Perry. The Genius Ring Presenter does everything a mouse does but fits right into a finger. If you think about it, it’s a very natural way of doing something like this. Is even got a laser pointer.

You receive full access to control power point slides, Play (F5)/Exit, Last/Next Page, Left button and Laser pointer anywhere in the room when doing a presentation. In addition, Ring Presenter also comes with the in-air mouse function so you can use actual mouse functions like cursor movement, left/middle/right buttons, dragging and 4-way scrolling.

The Genius Ring Presenter uses Bluetooth and a small USB dongle to connect to your PC.

It’s $60.

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