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The Chameleon X-1 Gets The Assassins Creed Treatment

The Chameleon X-1 Gets The Assassins Creed Treatment

By David Ponce

The Chameleon X-1 isn’t a new device, but I’m taking this opportunity to talk about it for the first time. See, it looks like a regular wireless 5-stage adjustable 1,600dpi gaming mouse, but it’s also a “gaming grade” gamepad with force feedback, 16 Buttons and 2 analog sticks. And it’s now gotten some Assassins Creed Revelations thematics, like antique decorated cowhide buttons and some logos. Branding aside, the X-1 is an interesting device for anyone who likes gaming a works diligently at reducing clutter. And it’s $60.

The Assassins Creed version is going to be released at CES next week in “Altair white” and “Ezio grey”, but in the meantime you can get the old X-1, sans leather, on Amazon.

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