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That Quantum Racetrack Wipeout Video You Saw? Awesome But Fake

That Quantum Racetrack Wipeout Video You Saw? Awesome But Fake

By David Ponce

You know as well as me that we all wanted this video to be the real deal. I mean, come on: tiny supercooled toy ships racing around in a track made from superconducting magnets? Heck, it’s a fact that most of us would be trying to find a buyer for our kidneys to get our hands on this. It even seemed more plausible after watching that quantum levitation video that made the rounds last October. But the truth is, folks, this video is probably as fake as the late Steve Jobs’ kind heart (too soon?). For one, Sony is coming out with a new Wipeout game for the PlayStation Vita next month. See that big WipeOut logo in the middle of the track? Yeah… And that “Japan Institute of Science and Technology”? No such thing! It’s called “Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology!” Also, the copyright? “All rights reserved belong to Sony Entertainment and SCE Studio Liverpool.” Finally, look at that smoke closely: it’s CG.

I got to admit it’s a cool video, but it’s nothing more than viral marketing in the making. I’m not saying this stuff won’t exist one day, but we’re just not there yet.

VIA [ CNet News ]