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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Must Watch: Washing Machine Dies Horrible, Agonizing Death

By David Ponce

Videos of people wantonly destroying things are a dime a nothing on YouTube. But this particular one is a little more spectacular, and a little more poignant than others. You have to watch it to understand. But if you can’t, just know that what you see is what happens when you throw a brick into a washing machine.

Or better yet, let me quote the top YouTube comment:

“At first, it was awful like watching someone getting tortured to death… as more and more pieces flew off, it became more and more poignant… then finally they threw a brick in to put it? out of it’s misery and it finally ripped itself asunder, its motor screaming out its death cry to the heavens.”

VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

15,000 Lumen LED Light Cannon Will Blind You, Efficiently

By David Ponce

There are more powerful light sources on the market. But what stands this one apart is that it’s self contained. And has LEDs. So the XM18 light cannon (it’s kind of hard to call this thing a flashlight, though I suppose you could try) houses either 32 or 36 Lithium batteries and has a cooling fan, because even more efficient LEDs still get hot. It has three power settings, the highest of which will output 15,000 Lumen. And the hexagon shape means you can just keep buying more and more of them, easily chain them together, and compete with the sun. But that sort of enterprising spirit will cost you dearly as even one XM18 fetches $2,500. And they’re made to order so expect to have to wait a bit for yours to arrive.

Hit the jump for a video and links.

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EcoSpeed App Can Save You Up To 30% In Fuel

By David Ponce

Here’s the thing about driving and consumption and pollution: a lot has to do with how you drive. It’s all that stopping and going, and how you step on the pedal; whether you smash it or tickle it. But it’s possible to change all that and the EcoSpeed application teaches you how. It does two things. First, it can give you a route to your destination that may not be the shortest distance, but that has the lowest likelihood of stops. It avoids traffic lights and traffic, and calculates things in such a way that even with the additional mileage, you end up spending less gas and don’t necessarily take much longer to get to where you’re going.

The second part addresses your habits. Since your phone has an accelerometer, it can tell how you’re driving and scream at you to ease up on the pedal mashing. With all this coaching, EcoSpeed claims you can shave up to 30% in your fuel consumption, and consequently on your polluting.

The app should be free and available in March for Android and iOS devices.

[ EcoSpeed Demo ] VIA [ Wired Gadgets ]

Be Careful What You Say On Twitter, It Could Get You Kicked Out Of The U.S.A.

By David Ponce

Because it’s well known that terrorists will openly talk about their plans on Twitter, the DHS and CIA monitors the service for keywords. This practice has led recently to the unfortunate detention and immediate deportation of two Brits visiting the States. And what were the evil, offending tweets that had them explaining themselves for 12 hours? Leigh Van Byran said:

“free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America?”

Destroy… as in “get trashed and party” as he explained to the Daily Mail. And Emily Banting offense? A Family Guy quote!:

“3 weeks today, we’re totally in LA pissing people off on Hollywood Blvd and diggin’ Marilyn Monroe up!”

So watch out, what everyone knew has been confirmed. A sense of humor is an automatic disqualification for anyone working at DHS, as is common sense, logic and any of the skills that everyone outraged at this story clearly has. And the message is clear: foreigners, watch what you say online. The dumbest stuff will come back and bite you.

[ The Daily Mail ] VIA [ DVice ]

Flat Whisk Becomes Balloon Whisk At Turn Of A Knob

By David Ponce

We’re big fans of simple elegant design, whether its in consumer electronics or mundane everyday household items. Like the good old whisk. There’s nothing wrong with it, really, other than the fact that it takes up a bit of room in storage. So if you can keep things cheap and simple, why not improve on that? The preposterously named “Joseph Joseph Twist™ 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk” lays flat for easy storage, but becomes a regular balloon whisk when you turn the base of its handle. And it’s $10.

Ships in March 2012.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

The Sudoku Watch Can Never Give You The Right Time

By David Ponce

The above watch is a concept over at Tokyoflash, and like some previous such concepts, it might one day make it to market. This one however seems to one-up all of the Japanese company’s designs in terms of unreadability. See, to tell the time, you actually have to solve a Sudoku puzzle: each missing digit is the time. So by the time you’ve solved it, it won’t even be the time it was when you started trying. We’re not sure at this point how they plan to deal with this, or even how long it can take to solve a Sudoku puzzle because numbers scare us. But you can head over to their design blog and give you input as it might actually affect whether and how the watch is developed.

[ Sudoku Watch Design Blog ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Clutching At Design Straws, Sony’s Latest Point And Shoot Features A Glass Case

By David Ponce

The main reason Kodak recently filed bankruptcy is that when they finally decided to try and be competitive in the digital camera market, that market itself started dissolving right before their feet; it was too little way too late. But how is this true? Well, it’s simple: smartphone cameras are quickly making standalone point and shoots obsolete. Many people consider these pictures “good enough”, so it’s becoming harder for new arrivals on the market to stand out. Sony’s idea with the Cyber-Shot DSC-TX200V? Make the case out of glass (to match your smartphone, perhaps?) and slap a half grand sticker price on it. Yeah, as in $500. Sure, it’s got lots of features, which are detailed after the jump. But… really, Sony? For a couple hundred more you can get into entry level dSLR territory…

In any case, we’re not judging if the point and shoot still has a place in your heart. If that’s the case, keep reading for a full list of specs.

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Boxx Electric Bike Looks Like A Suitcase, Seems Really Useful

By David Ponce

Try for a second to get past its strange appearance; this is an actual working electric bicycle with decent specs. On a standard configuration you will get 40 miles per charge. An upgrade doubles that. And the standard configuration charges the battery back up in 4 hours, the upgrade cuts that down to 1. The 1 meter sq. (36 inches sq.) device weighs 120 lbs and can carry a rider tipping the scales from 90-300 lbs. It goes up to 28mph to 35mph, a speed which is electronically limited depending on regional moped laws. The all aluminum construction features a glove box, a cargo bay, an all LED dot lighting system with hazzards. And the list goes on. This thing is pimped out.

And it’s expensive. At $4,000 to start, this isn’t an impulse buy, but damn if you won’t be the coolest kid on the block riding around on this thing. And it does appear like it will be available this year.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Star Trek Coffee Table Impresses, Empties Account

By David Ponce

One Barry Shields over at Etsy spent one month making this coffee table modeled after the Star Trek Enterprise NCC 1701-C. It looks good. It’s a Star Trek related item and we know we love us some trekkie stuff. That should be enough to sell this… if it weren’t for the $3,100 price tag. It is a one of a kind though, which surprisingly hasn’t sold yet as of this writing despite the mounting amount of press it’s getting. This is what Barry has to say about it:

The glass is cut to look as though its in motion and the base was designed to portray the ship in orbit over a planet. It has a beautiful rubbed poly finish coat for complete protection for many years to come. Its solid, sturdy and you CAN put your feet up on it after a long day at the office. This is a one of a kind! You will not see another one like it. Glass dimensions are 34″ x 54″ x 17″ tall

[ Product Page ]