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The Duo And The Quattro Wall Outlets Integrate USB

The Duo And The Quattro Wall Outlets Integrate USB

By David Ponce

USB is quickly becoming a standard for charging electronics. But that interface is meant to be used on computers. So if you want to plug something into the mains, you need an adapter that accepts USB on one side and plugs into the outlet on the other. Looks at your iPhone and you’ll see what we mean. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Duo and the Quattro outlets from Current Werks simply integrate the USB plugs right into their design. The Quattro is a dedicated USB charging station that delivers 22 Watts of power and features a slider that completely eliminates “Vampire Power”. The Duo is a combination USB and electric plug, and this one feeds 16 Watts into the USB port.

Currently on pre-order on the Current Werks website, the Duo is $25 while the Quattro is $40.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Treehugger ]

  • Eric de Jesus

    I’ve been waiting for USB outlets for a long time. USB slots are a necessity today especially when handheld gadgets depend on it. I just wonder how we’ll be putting it inside our presently built houses especially when there’s specific outlets for specific electronics.

  • Zutronic

    Yes!! It’s so annoying charging an iPhone on a computer. Now I can plug all of my electronics via usb next to my desk!