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Guy Fits A Working LED In A Contact Lens, Tries It On

Guy Fits A Working LED In A Contact Lens, Tries It On

By David Ponce

A few weeks ago we reported on a group of researcher’s successful attempt at putting a single pixel inside a contact lens, fitting it on a rabbit and having the rabbit happily snacking on carrots minutes after the experiment. We saw it as the firstearly prototypes of what we hope will be contact lens VR. But YouTube user Ben Krasnow (username bkraz333) was watching and apparently figured “hey, I can do this! Only with an LED…” In the video below you can see how he coils metal wires, solders them onto an LED, sandwiches them between two soft contact lenses, fuses them together with hot pliers and yes, puts the contraption on his eye. Squirmy viewers shouldn’t look, although nothing bad happens. Matter of fact, it works. There’s a bunch of electrical engineering speak that we can’t quite piece together, but the short of it is he’s using inductive coupling to light up the LED and make it flash a few times a second.

But there’s also interesting talk of the current limitations to such a system, such as the need to focus the light onto the retina and how if ever this were to become a functioning display, each pixel would have to focus individually

VIA [ Hackaday ]


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