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iPhone Mod Lights Up Its Logo

iPhone Mod Lights Up Its Logo

By David Ponce

It might be a little hard to get your hands on one of these at the moment, but if you’re lucky you can apparently buy a DIY modification kit for the iPhone that will give you a backplate with a luminous apple logo. You will have to do the installation yourself (or ask a friend of yours whose hands don’t feature 10 thumbs), though it appears easy enough. You just have to replace the stock backplate with this one, and also affix a light panel on the inside. It will light up when the screen turns on and stays on for 15 seconds after. It’s also lit when you’re talking on the phone, even if the screen is off.

Due to fears of Apple getting all legal on them, their main store has run out of stock. It does appear they’re still selling the kit through the Chinese taobao store, so you might be able to get one. It’s $42.

[ Main Store ] AND [ Chinese Store ] VIA [ Techcrunch Gadgets ]