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Iconic Peugeot Swildens Desk Recreated

Iconic Peugeot Swildens Desk Recreated

By David Ponce

Back in 1966, Peugeot (the European car maker) commissioned a particular looking desk from an artist named Ben Swildens. This was a time where a design trend called Bolidism was popular. “The Bolidism movement sprung from the Italian futurism, which enhanced speed and a boldness of design, with a belief in technique and an enthusiasm for whatever could be assaulted and grasped.” Swilden had been impressed by another designer’s creation of a one-footed chair, so his inspiration was to create a desk with no feet at all. Three of these desks were made and put to use in Peugeot’s headquarters in France. And now, some 45 years later, 8 more will be manufactured and made available for purchase.

Weighing 110 kgs (242lbs), the desk is carefully hand made from steel, aluminum and stainless steel. It must be affixed to a large metal plate to assure its stability with a special fastening system. “A lot of 3 units of this desk will be on sale from next year, with a price tag of $87,000 each, and the rest to be sold individually, later. If one manages to visit Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair around January 19, 2012, then one can get a chance to see it in person, and perhaps even take a shot at buying it. ”

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