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Take Your iPhone Deep Under The Sea With This Tough Housing

Take Your iPhone Deep Under The Sea With This Tough Housing

By David Ponce

Say for a minute that there’s something, anything, interesting under water. And that you’ve got some desire to go record a high definition video of whatever that is. We say “get a hobby!” But you’re stubborn. So you have a few options. You can spend $300 for a GoPRO Hero2 rugged HD camera and dive up to 60m (200ft) underwater. Then you get to futz about with the camera hoping to get anything cinematic looking. Or you can spend almost twice as much (not quite true if you pre-order) on this rugged FourPro mount and dive half as deep (100ft). Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, the FourPro has a few advantages. First are the Teak handles that allow you some kind of control over your phone/camera, making for a potentially more stable shot. And these handles have threaded holes to accommodate lighting equipment. Lights! Who would have thought things could get dim 100ft under water?

Right now it’s just a project on Kickstarter, and as of writing it appears to be a non-starter. They’ve raised $800 from the $20,000 they need. For $400 you get the whole kit, which is lots, sure, but less than their expected $699 retail if it ever sees an actual marketplace.

Hit the jump for links and a video that features a guy giving a very Troy McClure introduction: “You may know me from…”

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