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Old Rotary Phone Hacked To Play Nice With Siri

Old Rotary Phone Hacked To Play Nice With Siri

By David Ponce

It’s kind of ironic that there seems to be a developing trend of using new technology to breathe new life into really old tech. Like that retro looking cordless handset we wrote about a little while back. And now we hear of a hack that pretty much resuscitates the operators of old. Maker and hacker Davis Remmel took an old rotary phone and made it play nice with Siri. He took a Bluetooth headset, relocated the speaker and microphones to their respective places in the dumbbell receiver and wired the board so that dialing “1” activated Siri. A sticker with the Siri logo in the center of the dial completed the effect. Watch the video, it’s very future-old-timey…

[ Step By Step Rotary Siri Hack ] VIA [ Wired’s Gadget Lab ]


One response to “Old Rotary Phone Hacked To Play Nice With Siri”

  1. not calling him a liar, because it looks cool, but Siri is voice activated on the phone itself and it’s sitting right there.  plus he says theres a bluetooth headset in barbel, we never see him, so he could be wearing another to work with the phone.  I’m all for tinkering with old and new tech, i know my skills wouldn’t let me do it, so kudos to him, but the vid just has too many holes in it.