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Have You Looked At Your “Other” Facebook Messages Lately?

Have You Looked At Your “Other” Facebook Messages Lately?

By David Ponce

So this isn’t a new “feature” by Facebook but it’s recently been brought to my attention and I’m a little shocked. It appears that under Facebook’s “Messages” section on the left, there’s a sub-section called “Other”. How messages end up there instead of in your main message window I’m not sure… but what I do know is that as soon as I found out and went to look, I discovered a good half dozen, terribly important messages just sitting there unanswered. This is ridiculous. When I check for messages, I do it through the top navigation bar, by pressing on the icon sandwiched between the notifications and the friend requests. Pressing this brings you to your main message window and there’s no sign of the “other” sub-section unless you specifically look for it. At no point was I informed of this and had I not come across the source link today, these messages might have sat there for yet another eternity.

We realize that it’s become a spam folder, but there clearly are many false positives in there. Again, Facebook could have been a little more vocal on the specific changes they were making to the site, however well intentioned.

Any of you just now discovered important messages?

VIA [ Slashgear ]