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Flote Stand For Tablets Would Make Us Happy

Flote Stand For Tablets Would Make Us Happy

By David Ponce

This product initially reads like one of those things only a really lazy person would get. “What, you can’t even hold your own darn tablet? What’s wrong with you?” But then you watch the video and realize that there’s tons of situations where you’d be well served by it. It’s called the Flote, and it “is a machined-metal floor stand designed to securely hold a wide variety of tablets like the iPad or e-readers like the Kindle in virtually any position so you can use them hands-free for prolonged periods of time.” Yeah, we realize it still sounds like something completely useless; put it on your lap, right? Well, watch the video, it’s pretty nifty. Sure, putting the reader on your lap is fine but…sad as this may sound, tilting your head downwards for a while can, yeah… hurt your neck.

Screw all that, it’s just awesome because it’s awesome not to have to hold stuff. Come on, people, since when do we need to justify this?

The price on the other hand? Well, it’s on Kickstarter right now and you can pre-order for, ahem, $245. Yeah… The project is about one third funded so who knows… maybe the Flote will see the light of day.

[ Flote Kickstarter Project ]


One response to “Flote Stand For Tablets Would Make Us Happy”

  1. Craig Dunn says:

    It should be noted that the FLOTE is really $200… the extra $45 is for shipping because the 25 pounds of machined metal weighs a lot more than plastic.