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The Click Keypad Watch Is Not A Calculator

The Click Keypad Watch Is Not A Calculator

By David Ponce

You can add the Click Keypad watch to the list of time-telling devices whose entire point is to make the business of telling time more (not less) difficult. There’s a certain charm in the process, at least in the mind of certain geeks that are attracted by it. We fall squarely in that group and that’s why we like this watch. Not only does it tell time awkwardly, it also looks like it should be a calculator, but it isn’t. Time is displayed by a sequential blinking of the corresponding LEDs, which are activated after pressing any 0-9 number. The date is similarly triggered and read by pressing “#”.

The Click Keypad comes in 5 colors and costs $90. They ship worldwide.

Video and link after the jump.

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2 responses to “The Click Keypad Watch Is Not A Calculator”

  1. Gluck says:

    it is a really cool gadgets.