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We’re Giving Away A Watch From Tokyoflash; Any Watch

We’re Giving Away A Watch From Tokyoflash; Any Watch

By David Ponce

It’s the Holidays, and this means yet another giveaway. This time the contest is open to the world, and better yet, isn’t confined to any one product from our good friends at Tokyoflash. Instead, you can go to their website and pick any watch (1) from their current lineup. If you win, this is what will be shipped to you.

In the widget below, you’ll see all the ways in which you can enter. So best of luck to you all!

[ Tokyoflash ]

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  • Anonymous

    I’d pick the Kisai Broke LED Watch; its amazing

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t worn a watch in a while, this would make me start again.

  • Seb z

    I would pick S-Mode Oberon LED Watch. Its nice!

  • Ross M. W. Bennetts

    What’s the name of the retro-futuristic pocket watch in the blog pic?

  • Anonymous

    The RPM looks amazing

  • Abhinav Pathak

    Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch looks like the one.

  • a very good idea for everybody

    very original

  • Liam Hammett

    Made my entries. Good luck everyone!

  • Anonymous

    The Tenmetsu Silver

  • Anonymous

    Kisai RPM

  • Pedro Costa Neves ?

    Kisai Rogue Watch ;o

  • krommagnus

    Kisai Rogue SR2 LED Watch

  • CortJstr

    Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch

  • CortJstr

    Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch

  • CortJstr

    Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch

  • Obelix

    Definitely the black S-Mode Oberon LED Watch

  • Anonymous

    I think I would be getting the Kisai Satellite White LED Watch if I were to win.  Love that style!

  • Laura Watiker

    Kisai Satellite White LED Watch is my choice!

  • Laura Watiker

    Kisai Satellite White LED Watch is my choice!

  • Nathan

    Kisai Satellite White is top choice! 

  • Danni Mejia

    Kisai Satellite!

  • Nightsky

    Rogue in Blue! Cool watch!

  • Monty ongkeo

    Kisai Night Vision RED!!!

  • Brandi

    I like the pocket watch myself…

  • Erik Bosch

    The Keisan Black

  • Anonymous

    I like the Keisan Black!

  • Anonymous

    I love the Kaidoku

  • Ivan Gustavo Flores Molina

    I would like the RPM acetate white 🙂 thank you oh gizmo

  • Nate Bonham

    Kisai RPM Blue!

  • Anonymous

    Kisai rogue pocket watch !

  • Anonymous

    Kisai rogue pocket watch !

  • Jerry

    If I win, I would want the 3D Unlimited watch.

  • Drewes van der Bleek

    Rogue SR2. It’s like GitS, but real life.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, there are so many cool ones! I have narrowed it down to the Console LED Watch, the Rogue SR2 LED Watch, the RPM SS LED Watch, and the Changing Lanes LED Watch

  • Stevn Atchison

    I like the Kisia Rogue Touch Pocket Watch. Pocket watches are cool.

  • Stephen M

    The Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch is amazing.

  • Matt Farmer

    I wants me a Rogue Touch

  • Ned Fetterhoff

    Kisai RPM SS Green LED Watch

  • Piotr Milian

    satellite black

  • Miriam Dias

    Kisai kaidoku black

  • chadmd23

    I really like the
    Kisai RPM Acetate Limited Edition LED Watch

  • Kaboose Kaboose

    The Kisai 3D Unlimited, for sure.

  • Andrew Ludwig

    Yeah if i win i would definitely go with the black+red 3D Unlimited cause it just make all my friends, co-workers, and costumers drop their jaw and say WOW! ahaha

  • Robert Steel

    Rogue Touch

  • Eric C

    I like the “Kisai Rogue SR2 LED Watch”.

  • Britnie Acosta

    The “Kisai On Air” in black with blue.

  • Chris Rands

    If I won I would pick the Kisai RPM Acetate Graphite, it looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I like the Kisai Escape C LED Watch

  • Martin Murd

    Something from the rogue series, Not quite decided wheter pocketwatch or SR2

  • Anonymous

    Kisai Rogue SR2 for sure. Defiantly a fan.