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iLaunch Thunder Sends Foam Missiles Down The Hall

iLaunch Thunder Sends Foam Missiles Down The Hall

By David Ponce

The iLaunch Thunder looks just like the kind of thing that annoying co-worker that never gets any work done would get. Yes, the one that still gets promoted because his uncle plays golf with the boss. Yeah, him… Anyway, he’d probably buy this and spend an afternoon launching little foam missiles at you, just because you actually know what the heck you’re doing in this office and because he can and because you wish you hadn’t spent your college years reading OhGizmo! and flunked out and had to take this data entry gig and God you hate this job! He’d think he’s pretty clever because he can control the launcher with his iPhone. But you’ll have the last laugh, because you know that he spent $96 ($82 until December 15th) on this junk…

Ah, who are we kidding? You love your job and this toy is awesome! Now go be productive.

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