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SupaBoy Crams A SNES Into Your Hands

SupaBoy Crams A SNES Into Your Hands

By David Ponce

So this took about 20 years too long, but here’s a portable Super NES. Yeah, as in the entire system in your hands. The SupaBoy can use any of your own SNES cartridges and even Japanese Super Famicon. Enjoy portable gaming the way you wished the Gameboy could have been, in full color on a 3.5 inch display. There’s even a TV out socket and two slots for classic controllers, in case you want to travel back in time a couple decades. The battery should be good for a disappointing 2.5 hours and if your friends start getting annoyed at the Super Mario Bros. music, there’s a headphone jack. Although quite frankly, if you have friends like that, you need to upgrade…

It’s $80.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Joystiq ]


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