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Sprint Mobile Controls Lets Parents Decide When The Kids Can Use Their Mobiles

By David Ponce

Score one for parents. Sprint has announced a new program called “Sprint Mobile Controls”, which lets parents of cellphone-toting kids get very granular control over just how they get to use their devices. While we agree that kids owning cellphones is kind of important for their social development, we also believe in effective parenting. With this program, here’s a few of the features you’ll have access to:

– Easy-to-read dashboard of phone usage, including voice and text messages broken down by time of day.
– Seeing who your son or daughter has been calling or texting recently – and how often.
– Quickly and easily setting phone use limits by time of day and day of week.
– Establishing an allowed list of phone numbers from which your child can receive a call or text.
– Seeing a list of your child’s contacts with an associated picture ranked by overall texting and calling activity.
– Allowing your child to override phone restrictions in case of an emergency.
– Setting Watchlist contacts: Receive alert notifications when your child communicates with a Watchlist contact.

Man, you’re going to have some happy kids on your hands if you sign up to this! But that doesn’t mean they won’t be a little safer…

It’s $5 a month.

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