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Brilliant Marketing: The Photoblocker Beer Cooler Keeps The Missus In The Dark

Brilliant Marketing: The Photoblocker Beer Cooler Keeps The Missus In The Dark

By David Ponce

Argentinian ad agency Del Campo/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi is on a roll. First we heard about their work with the BGH Quick Chef, a microwave oven that signals readiness with customizable music instead of a beep. But their latest campaign with Norte Beer, a South American brewer, is pure genius. They’ve created the Norte Photoblocker, a beer cooler that makes it impossible to take a good picture of you within its effective radius. It does this by detecting a flash and immediately flashing one of its own, ruining the pic. Why would this be good? Ok, picture this. You’re out at the club getting into all kinds of trouble. Great times… until pictures are taken and you’re inevitably tagged. By the time you get around to doing some damage control, well, by then it’s too late. Better to have the photoblocker around.

The device actually exists and works. It’s been planted in a few regional bars and photoblocked pictures were still uploaded with the subjects well protected. Savvy club owners would do well to look into ways of acquiring more like these. As the ads say, “What happens at the club, stays at the club…” However, there doesn’t appear to be concrete plans to bring the device to North America.

Incidentally, do yourself a favor and hit the jump to watch the two commercials in question. They’re really, really good.

VIA [ Fast Company ]

  • Anonymous

    This should work great seeing as how everyone uses their damn flash everywhere even when they shouldn’t…….